The Last Stall on the Left (silent) – How far would you go to follow your muse? Read it here: THELASTSTALLONTHELEFT

A Novel Idea – After hours frank talk from romance novel characters. Read it here A Novel Idea(1)

She Works Hard for the Money – Tip your server. Or else. Read it here: SHEWORKSHARDFORTHEMONEY

By Appointment Only (black comedy) – A Realtor specializes in finding homes for those with very special needs. ByAppointmentOnly (1)

Zelda (dramedy) – A grieving daughter comes to terms with her mother’s death when she helps a lost elderly woman find her way home. Read it here: zelda

Features (available upon request)

How We Met (romantic comedy)

An overly sentimental nursing home director enlists his senior-citizen residents in his romantic pursuit of an eccentric carriage driver, convinced the woman is his soul mate because of their unusual first meeting.

*Results Not Typical (comedy)

A long married couple attempts to spice up their relationship with the help of a best selling erotic manual. But following the book’s guidelines leads them to unemployment, homelessness and the brink of divorce.

Overdue (action comedy)

A timid Bookmobile driver is hijacked by an elderly, retired bank robber and forced to help him find his missing stash of stolen loot.

The Sleeping Cupid (mystery/comedy)

A charming  Interpol agent enlists enlists a spunky paintings restorer to help him find a  lost Michelangelo. Except he’s not really an Interpol agent. And the Michelangelo isn’t lost. And it might not even be a Michelangelo.  


Temper (sitcom pilot)

Workplace comedy set in a temporary employment agency run by the relentlessly optimistic Karl Jarvis and his surly, hostile assistant, Jane.

Family Readiness  (sitcom pilot)

While her husband is deployed overseas, a stressed-out Army wife struggles to care for her four children with the not-so-helpful assistance of her mother, an old school radical and peace activist.


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