About Barbara McCormick-Thomas

I decided to take up screenwriting a couple of years ago because I did not realize how ridiculously improbable a career choice it is for a woman of a certain age who has no contacts, no experience and lives in a dinky suburb of Dallas.   Wisely, I’ve kept my day job.

I have placed in a few contests, sold a few shorts (scripts, not pants), and had two one-act plays locally produced (by a real theater company, not in my living room).

A third play, A Novel Idea, was produced in Toronto in October of 2015.  One of my short films, Copy That, won a buttload of awards during its festival run that year too. Also in 2015, I wrote a series of skits for The Kidd Kraddick in the Morning syndicated morning radio show.

2016 was a rebuilding year. But my pitching arm feels good now, and I’m ready to contribute to the team.

I can be reached at Barbaramcthomas@gmail.com


3 thoughts on “About Barbara McCormick-Thomas

    1. I should really check my comments more often. My apologies! I can be reached at barbaramcthomas at gmail dot com or via twitter (links on the right).

  1. Barbara could you please email at your earliest convenience? I have a question that hopefully you can answer for me.

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